Payments are allowances or deductions that you may add to an employee payslip. By default you have a number of payments, including:

  • Adjustment, which is a general type of payment you may use for any type of allowance or deduction to the payslip, such as Arrears, On Call Allowance, etc.
  • Overtime Payments
  • Government Bonus, which will be added automatically for the payroll runs when bonus is due.
  • Covid 19 Supplement
  • Car Cash Allowance
  • Category Allowances

If you have a frequent payment type which is not among Spektrum's default selection, you may always add new payments yourself:

  • Select "Payment"¬†from the Navigation Menu on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the 'New' button.
  • You will be directed to the Payment creation screen.

  • Start by inputting a payroll code and payment name, which identify the payment.
  • Unit name is an optional field. Input if applicable.
  • Select the Payment Category from the dropdown. If entering a standard type of payment, such as salary Mobile Allowance, leave the payment category as Adjustment.
  • Tick the Taxable checkbox if the allowance is taxable.
  • In the expression field, enter the amount of expression of your choice.
  • Click Save¬†from the top menu to save your changes.
  • Payments may then be assigned to employees from either the Payroll Year (if payment is recurring) or from the Payroll Run (if a one time payment).